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Once again many thanks for purchasing a copy of Forex For Beginners, and I hope you enjoyed reading it, and that it has laid the foundations for your own forex trading success.

I have created this section of the site, just for you, and have uploaded all the images from the book which are available in full colour here. The images are all broken up into their various chapters so that you can find them easily and quickly. Whilst the images relating to the currency strength indicator were annotated in the book, below are the colours for each currency, which I hope will add further to your enjoyment of the book:

  • Red – US dollar
  • Orange – euro
  • Yellow – British pound
  • Green – Swiss franc
  • Blue – Japanese yen
  • Maroon – Canadian dollar
  • Pink – Aussie dollar
  • White – New Zealand dollar

If you would like to see all the images in colour, please just enter your details below, and you will then receive a password, which will allow you to access all of the images for every chapter.

Once again many thanks, and please do keep in touch with me at my personal site www.annacoulling.com and join me in one of my FREE live training rooms – kind regards – Anna

66 comments on “FFB images
  1. Ted Jones says:

    Please can I have all the images in colour? Thanks.

  2. Mike Mawson says:

    Hi Anna

    Having just bought your book “Forex For Beginners”, I aim to prove that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks !! I’m in my 70s and looking forward to the “Forex Journey”

    Thank you in anticipation.

    Regards Mike M

  3. William Kosh says:

    Just started Forex for Beginners – can’t praise it enough.

  4. Melanie says:

    Finding the book a fantastic asset and so easy to understand.
    Just needing the password to view the images in colour

    Thanks Anna

  5. Terri Hollingsworth says:

    Great book for us beginners – many thanks! I would like to read again with the color images, if they are still available.

  6. Shouket fareed says:

    I would love to see all the images in color if you please help me

  7. Zurab Chikhladze says:

    Hi Anna, Please send me the pass to access the color version of the images. Thank you.

  8. Carlos says:

    Hi Anna,
    Thank you for this fantastic work.
    Could you send me the access code to see the images in color please?

  9. Faiza says:

    please send me password

  10. Ekpong Nsek says:

    Accessing the images will help me to a larger extent to deepen my understanding of the Book Forex for Beginners that have just bought.

  11. Phyl Roberts says:

    Hi Anna,

    I have just bought your book “Forex For Beginners” and am looking forward to getting started and placing my first trade before too long.


  12. Kevin says:

    Mrs Coulling would you be so kind as to send me a password so I can view the diagrams in colour.

    Many Thanks


  13. Mike Prewett says:

    Have both your books, nice to have a big book rather than pdfs. Look forward to trading for real very soon. Can I have a password for the images please.

  14. Gregory Diehl says:

    Password please

  15. Steve R says:

    Hi Anna,

    Can you please kindly send me a password so I can access all the images in colour from the book.


  16. JAG KALSI says:

    please kindly send me a password to view book images


  17. Utenn says:

    Please sent me a password to access an images.


  18. Nicholas Gordon says:

    Hi Anna, i am half way through you Forex for Beginners book and i am enjoying it immensely. I would like to get access to the trading charts in your book so i can print them out as part of my trading plan. thanks again Nick

  19. jon says:

    I have purchased your book

  20. James Graham says:

    Just finished reading Forex for Beginners and already did my first few trades with profit.

    Would be great to see the images in colour

    Kind Regards,

  21. Utenn says:

    Please sent me a password. Thanks

  22. utenn says:

    May I have password to access. Thanks

  23. Duranne says:

    Hi Anna

    Thanks for making the time to write this book. In my country resources are limited and getting the proper training is difficult. I am starting with this book now and will definitely be contacting you throughout this journey.

  24. Chris Telfer says:

    Hi Anna
    I have just purchased you book and have to say how much i am enjoying it so far. Excellent work.

    The more I read the more I am looking forward to embarking on a great journey full of anticipation and I hope some fun.

    Can you send me the link and the password to obtain colour copies of the images in the book please.

    Many thanks


  25. Abdul Bhatti says:

    Colour images please

  26. Alex James says:


    Realy enjoyed the book. Please send a pasword for the images.

    Many thanks,


  27. Lee Lewis says:

    Thanks. Great book!

  28. Pardeep Sidhu says:

    Dear Anna,

    I’ve just purchased a couple of your books. I would appreciate if you can send the password/link as i would like to see the images in colour.


  29. Yvette says:

    Hi Anna, purchased Forex for Beginners and would like access to all the images please

  30. Abdulelah Shaikh says:

    Many thanks!

  31. Catalin says:

    How do I get all the color images ?


  32. hfooi says:

    please email me the images in color. thanks

  33. Lee Lewis says:


    Please provide me with a password to view the color images.

    Thank you.

  34. Jasper says:

    Hi Anna

    I truly enjoy reading your book and I hope I can get access to the images. It really means a lot to my trading journey! Thank you!

  35. Reece Elliott says:

    Please could I have the images in colour.

    All the best, Reece.

  36. Jeremy says:

    Starting FFB, please send password.

  37. Michael Hall says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom and experience with us, Anna! It has been immensely encouraging.

  38. Mikael Sjöberg says:

    I bought your book and would like to recieve a password for the full images.

  39. kenneth says:

    Hi Anna.
    Great book – would like to receive the PW for the charts, please 🙂

  40. richard heard says:

    Hi Anna, please could you forward the FFB password?



  41. Nabil Sayahi says:

    HI Great book can I have password to see pics?

  42. Dear Anna,

    I recently purchased a copy of Forex for Beginners. Please send me a password to enable me to access the images.

    Thank you for your help.

  43. Hoang P. says:

    Can you please provide the password for the color images?

  44. Jag Singh says:

    Enjoying and learning a lot from FFB

  45. Jag Singh says:

    Can I please get a password to view the colour images

  46. Kobus de Villiers says:

    Hi Anna
    I have just received “Forex for Beginners” and I would like to get a password to access the images in colour.


  47. Carol Lewis says:

    Registering for access to Forex for Beginners colour images

  48. Brian Ormandy says:

    Great book

  49. Cameron Billions says:

    Good Evening Anna,

    Thank you so very much for writing this book! ! Im excited each day I awake because this book has opened my mind on so many different levels. The instructions stated to visit this site to receive details on obtaining a password!

    Kind regards
    Cameron Billions

  50. Ken says:

    Please send the password for access to the color images. Thanks.

  51. hussain says:

    helo can I have all the images from the book please, thank you

  52. hussain says:

    can I have all imahes from the book in colure thank you

  53. hussain says:

    hello ana I entered my details will I receive a email containing a link so I can get password to enter all images from your book which is forex for beginners, will I also get the images for the other books . were do you I go to find these images will you provide this in the email

    thank you 🙂

  54. Bro Brown says:

    Please send me the password for the color images to Forex For Beginners. I’m excited about this new endeavor.

  55. Omololu says:

    Just got the book. So far so good.

    Anna, kindly send the password for the coloured images.

    Many Thanks.

  56. Lo says:

    Gone through about 25% of the book.So far so good.

    Can you kindly forward the required password to gain access to the images.

    I didn’t get a response the last time i requested for it.

    Many Thanks.

  57. Vincent Paul Suarez says:

    Hi Anna, just finished Chapter 1. Was hoping I can have access to FFB’s charts and diagrams which will surely enhance my understanding as I go through the remainder of the book. Thank you.

  58. L. Hummel says:

    Hi Anna, super book! Can I get the password to the color diagrams please?

    Thanks in advance.

  59. M Nasir says:

    Hi Anna,
    I bought your book forex for beginners and in the half way. Thanks for such an amazing source of knowledge. Please send me the password for access to the coloured charts.
    Thanks again

  60. Diadema Emping says:

    Password please. Thanks!!!

  61. Ralph Legros says:

    Hi Anna! Did not receive a password. What should I do?


  62. Sanjay F. says:

    Hi Anna, Could I have access to the coloured images for ffb.


  63. Sanjay F. says:

    Hi Anna,

    I still have not received anything.


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